Design Features | Jetson Nylon NATO® Style

Our Jetson seat belt weave nylon NATO® Style straps employ a similar design to our basic Nylon NATO® Style Straps. These NATO® Style watch bands feature a nylon keeper loop, much like a traditional RAF strap, while also incorporating the locking layer of a traditional NATO® strap. We simply prefer the clean look and feel of the nylon keeper better than the metal rings of similar straps and we know we're not alone!

Optimal Fit

Our Jetson Nylon NATO® Style straps come in a standard 10.5" length (270mm) and generally fit wrists 5" to 8" in circumference, which covers the vast majority of both men and women. That said, the size and geometry of your watch head will impact the fit.

If the strap is initially longer than desired, fold the free end neatly back into the keeper loop or cut to desired length. If trimmed, expose the cut end to the flame of a match or lighter to avoid fraying. If you do encounter a fit issue after purchase, we offer a money back guarantee

barton jetson nato strap dimensions

The Perfect Seat Belt Weave Nylon

The seat belt weave nylon of our Jetson NATO® Style strap was chosen for its strength and durability, yet it still maintains the comfort that nylon affords. The straps measure 1.4mm in thickness, allowing ample room to slide between the watch head and spring bar of most watches. If you run into any issues fitting a strap to your watch, you always have the safety money back guarantee

316L Stainless Steel Components

Our Jetson NATO® features 316L surgical grade stainless steel components and are guaranteed not to rust weather or wear.