Design Features | Soft Silicone Quick Release

Integrated Quick Release Spring Bars

Our super smooth basic silicone watch bands are equipped with integrated quick release spring bars that allow you to insert or remove the band in a matter of seconds.

quick release diagram barton watch bands

Ultra Smooth High Tensile Silicone

These watch bands utilize a specific grade of silicone that is designed for high tensile and tear strength. This rubber can endure a wide range of temperatures and a great deal of force without deforming. However, we are most proud of the feel of our bands. You will find that they are extremely soft to the touch and comfortable on the wrist. We analyzed and tested a range of hardness levels on the 'Shore A' durometer scale and settled on the one that was the most comfortable without sacrificing any durability. All of our replacement silicone watch straps also have a textured underside to improve airflow and comfort and are specially treated to assure that they do not smell or attract dust.

Optimal Fit

When designing our bands, we studied several statistical analyses on the distribution of wrist sizes among various populations. The result is a band that accommodates not only a wide variety of watch designs, but also wrist circumferences. Our replacement silicone straps are generally designed to fit wrists between 5 1/2 and 8 inches in circumference. However, the size and geometry of the watch will also impact fit. If you are not sure whether a band will fit or not, we encourage you to give it a try as we offer a money back guarantee



Stainless Steel Components

Our basic silicone watch bands use stainless steel components where others use iron or aluminum. Iron components rust and need to be bulkier and heavier to achieve strength comparable to that of stainless steel. The finish on both treated iron and aluminum parts can weather or wear off, leaving a dull, scrap-metal appearance. If you take a knife to our stainless steel components, you will find a material that 1) is solid all the way through, 2) is difficult to scratch or bend and 3) maintains its initial shine for many years.