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We’re moving on up, to the East Side watch fam! Sadly, no pie is involved, but we do have a sweet new place to call home. Long story short, we outgrew our old shoes and needed a larger spot to accommodate all our watch band awesomeness.

If you have stopped by the HQ in the past, you know the drill. For you rookies out there, we have our showroom up and running with our entire collection of bands, stocked and ready for any timepieces you might bring by. Whether you are strolling through the neighborhood, on business, or visiting for a quick trip to the Capitol city, our doors are least between the hours of 10-5, Monday - Friday! 

2400 E. Cesar Chavez

Suite 204

Austin, TX 78702

Have questions? Want to make sure we are around? Feel free to drop us a line at 512-410-8793 or shoot us an email at!

Welcome to East AustinBarton HQ Showroom


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