BARTON Bands for Odd Lug Widths

June 2019 Update:  All of our Elite Silicone, Leather and Alligator quick release straps are now available in 19mm, 21mm and 23mm lug widths!  Select your corresponding lug width before adding to cart.  For other collections, read on below!

Original Post: Having trouble fitting a new strap to your watch due to an odd sized lug - 19mm, 21mm, or 23mm? Never fear! Both our NATO® Style and Quick Release Bands will work!

For our NATO® Style Straps, just select the width 1mm wider than your watch lug. For example, a 22mm NATO® will squeeze into a 21mm lug without any issues.

Fitting a Canvas or Soft Silicone Quick Release Strap requires a little more ingenuity. Once again, select the strap that is 1mm wider than your watch lug (i.e. 22mm strap for a 21mm lug). Then, remove the original quick release spring bars and replace them with the appropriate, odd-width spring bars

If you're unsure how to remove and replace quick release spring bars, it only takes a few seconds and there's a video to show you how to do it here.  Odd-width quick release spring bars can be purchased here.

Odd Lug Width Watch Straps

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I need a band but the shape of my watch is different than the norm.apparently



I need a men’s watch band that is 24 mm wide but has 11mm lugs.


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