Seiko Diver Options!

They say "teamwork, makes the dream work" and with a little ingenuity, many of our straps will work perfectly with Seiko's fantastic line of diving watches. If you own a Seiko Diver that uses 2.5mm diameter "Fat Boy" spring bars, we have several options that will allow you to continue using your original spring bars with BARTON's straps.

1) NATO Style: Remove your original strap, reinsert the "fat boy" spring bars into the watch head and then feed any of our nylon or leather NATO Style straps between the spring bar and watch casing, behind watch head and up through the other spring bar. If you are unsure how to install our NATO-style strap watch this.

 2) Quick Release: Remove the quick release spring bars from any of our Canvas or Leather straps and replace them with your original "fat boy" spring bars. If you are unsure how to remove the quick release spring bars watch this.  

Popular Seiko Diver Models with 22mm lug width:
SKX007 | SKX009 | SKX173 | SRP777 | SNZH55 | SNZF15

Popular Seiko Diver Models with 20mm lug width:
SSC017 | SKX013 | SRP309

Don't see your Seiko Diver model? Unsure of your Seiko's lug width? Check this list

Seiko Diver fat boy spring bars


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