The Best Apple Watch Bands to Bring Out Your Style

The Best Apple Watch Bands to Bring Out Your Style

The best Apple Watch bands do more than match your outfit and style. Thanks to top-notch craftsmanship, high-quality straps give you unbeatable comfort, a great feel, and a secure fit. Whether you buy watch bands from Apple or Barton, quality is the priority.

After all, no one wants to lose their precious $700+ watch because of a $20 band that just couldn't hold up.

If you’re hunting for the perfect third-party Apple Watch band, consider the quality of the materials used, the design and construction of the strap, and sizing options.

But most importantly, the best band is the one that feels right for you. Whether it’s for everyday wear, special occasions, or rugged outdoor activities, knowing your priorities will guide you to the ideal Apple Watch band that reflects your personality and style.

Best Apple Watch Bands for a Professional Look

If a dressy Apple watch band is more your type, get one with materials and colors that bring out an elegant and classy look.

Leather and stainless steel Apple Watch bands are often the best suited to professional settings due to their classic appearance. Depending on the design, some bands look more sophisticated than others. It’s up to you to decide how professional you want to look.

Of course, you must also consider what you’re wearing. For example, a leather band is one of the very few options that go well with a tuxedo, whereas metal bracelets are more contemporary.

In terms of color, black, brown, and silver are the most common choices for a professional look. These colors are versatile and easily match a wide variety of work attire. However, depending on your personal style and workplace culture, you may also opt for other subtle colors like navy blue or gray.

Some of the best options for a professional Apple Watch band include:

  • Classic leather straps: Timeless and versatile, available in black or brown with options for smooth or textured finishes; modern band variants include the slim leather band.
  • Stainless steel straps: These add a modern, sleek appearance with durable brushed or matte finishes in colors like silver, black, or space gray to match professional attire.
  • Milanese mesh: Combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design through its fine mesh texture and magnetic clasp, adding a luxurious touch to daily wear.
  • Leather and rubber hybrid (a Barton special): This selection blends the elegance of leather with the comfort and durability of rubber and comes with a quick-release system for easy swapping.
  • Horween leather band collection: Known for exceptional quality and durability, Horween leather bands are a premium choice for discerning wearers seeking luxury and longevity.
  • Leather NATO style: These single-piece construction straps offer security, ease of adjustment, and a comfortable fit, perfect for a mix of class and sportiness.

You can learn more from the Gentleman’s Gazette about how to wear a watch.

Fact: The best Apple watch band for a professional look is the one that not only matches your work attire but also feels comfortable on your wrist and aligns with your style.

Trendy And Colorful Apple Watch Bands

If blacks and grays are too boring for you, choose Apple Watch bands that reflect a vibrant personality and fit the latest trends.

Here are some popular options.

Official Apple Watch Bands

  • Sport Loop bands: Known for their bright colors and comfortable, breathable design, these are perfect for young people who lead an active lifestyle.
  • Solo Loop bands: These bring a sleek, unified look in a variety of colors, including trendy options like Deep Navy, Ginger, Cyprus Green, and Pink Citrus.
  • Printed silicone bands: These come in a wide variety of prints and patterns, from florals to geometric designs, offering a fun way to personalize an Apple Watch.
  • Leather Link Bands: For those who prefer a more sophisticated look, especially in Baltic Blue and California Poppy.

Barton Watch Bands Specials

  • Barton Tropical Style bands: These perforated silicone bands come in bold, lively colors, so you’re guaranteed to stand out every time. 
  • Barton Gaucho Leather straps: Meticulously crafted in the Argentinean craft of Gaucho wrapping, these bands feature intricate and vibrant patterns to suit an exuberant style.
  • Barton Cordura bands: These Silicone hybrid bands are available in a variety of stylish colors, such as Pumpkin Orange, Crimson Red, Army Green, and White Silicone.
  • Barton Alligator Texture bands: For unparalleled luxury, available in White, Merlot, Smoke Grey, Crimson Red, and more

Other third-party sellers also offer Apple Watch bands with unique designs, including bands with popular TV characters, glitter, neon colors, and more. Whatever your personality, the sheer variety of Apple Watch bands allows you to express your individuality and keep your style fresh.

Stylish Apple Watch Bands for Workouts

elite silicone flatwater blue Apple watch band

Any Apple Watch bands you wear during workouts must withstand the rigors of intense physical activity while remaining comfortable and secure on your wrist. It should also resist sweat and grime while being easy to clean to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a stylish Apple Watch band for workouts:

  • Material: Choose a silicone band for comfort and durability. It’s also water and sweat-resistant and easy to clean; another good option is nylon.
  • Design: Stand out with bands that feature unique patterns, vibrant colors, or sleek finishes.
  • Fit: Get a band that fits securely on your wrist to ensure accurate health tracking; some also feature a double-loop or deployant metal clasp design for added security.
  • Construction: Choose a band with a simple and robust construction, such as single-strap silicone or NATO designs to minimize the chances of breakage.

Highlight: The Apple Sport band has always been the go-to option for the gym or trail. It’s sweatproof, flexible, and sits comfortably on the wrist. If you’re looking for something more trendy, unique, and less sweaty, consider the Barton Tropical Style series.

Best Affordable Apple Watch Bands

We get it, authentic Apple Watch Bands are expensive and desirable. But buying a third-party band doesn’t mean you get poor quality. In fact, third-party Apple Watch bands have a far wider variety of fun options you would never get from Apple.

Barton Watch Bands sit somewhere in the middle of the price range. We don’t sell cheap knockoffs, but compared to the options available from Apple and other pricey brands, we’re the best combination of quality and affordability. 

In particular, we encourage you to explore our silicone and nylon Apple Watch band collections. These are the most affordable bands for Apple Watches and come in a wide range of stylish colors. 

For classy but affordable straps, consider a faux leather band. Those offer a similar aesthetic at a fraction of the cost, but they won’t last as long as genuine leather.

Stainless steel bands for Apple Watches can also be a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive titanium or ceramic bands. However, this is one case where you get what you pay for. Cheap metal bands often break easily due to poor craftsmanship.

There’s a popular saying; buy it nice or buy it twice—that’s certainly true when it comes to smartwatch bands.

What’s the Best Apple Watch Band for Sensitive Skin?

People with sensitive skin need to be particularly careful when choosing an Apple Watch band. Certain materials can cause irritation, discomfort, or allergic reactions.

Here are some considerations and recommendations for those seeking the best Apple Watch bands for sensitive skin:

Materials to Avoid

Certain materials are more likely to cause skin irritation. For example, while metal bands are stylish and durable, some contain nickel, which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Rubber and silicone bands can also cause irritation due to their tendency to trap sweat and moisture against the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, hypoallergenic materials are the safest bet. These include genuine natural leather, which is often a good choice for sensitive skin. However, ensure that the leather has not been treated with any irritating chemicals.

Woven nylon and sailcloth straps, such as the ones shown above, are also hypoallergenic if you maintain them and keep them clean to avoid dirt and bacteria build-up.

Expert tip: Fabric bands made from breathable fabrics like cotton are a good choice as they allow the skin to breathe, reducing the risk of irritation. Natural fibers like cotton, hemp, bamboo, silk, and wool are best, but artificial materials like nylon and canvas also work well.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Apple Watch Band

coffee brown alligator grain leather watch band

Choosing the right size for your Apple Watch band is crucial for both comfort and aesthetics. Apple Watch bands come in different sizes, and the correct size for you depends on the model of your Apple Watch and the circumference of your wrist.

Apple Watch models are categorized into four case sizes: 38mm/42mm, 40mm/44mm, 41mm/45mm, and 49mm for the Ultra Series. The smaller case sizes typically fit wrists with circumferences ranging from 130mm to 200mm, while the larger case size fits wrists from 140mm to 220mm.

While the Apple Watch Ultra is slightly larger than its predecessors, the lug dimensions are the same. The exact fit will vary depending on the style of the band.

Band sizes also vary, so you should check for sizing details from the product information given by the seller.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to measure your wrist and choose the right Apple Watch band size:

  1. Measure your wrist: Wrap a flexible tape measure, string, or strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear your Apple Watch. If you don’t have a tape measure, mark or cut the string or paper where it wraps around your wrist and then measure the length against a ruler.
  2. Refer to the Apple Watch Band Size Chart: This chart matches wrist measurements to the appropriate band sizes.
  3. Try before you buy: Try the band at the store wherever possible. If not, take advantage of the seller’s return policy to test the bands to ensure the perfect fit.
  4. The right band size should be snug but comfortable to ensure accurate readings of the health and fitness features.

Note that the bands that come in the Apple Watch box have a universal fit. For any other non-adjustable band you buy, you must have correct measurements to ensure a good fit.

Official Apple Watch Bands vs Third-Party Bands: Pros and Cons

Here’s a comparison of official Apple Watch bands versus third-party bands, as well as their pros and cons.

Official Apple Watch Bands


  • Guaranteed compatibility: Perfect fit with all Apple Watch models ensures seamless integration.
  • (Almost) guaranteed quality: Premium materials and top-notch construction, prioritizing comfort, aesthetics, and class.
  • Design cohesion: Designs are curated to complement Apple's aesthetic, ensuring a sleek and integrated appearance.
  • Innovative features: Regularly introduces new materials and technologies, leading the market in trends and functionality; some bands are 100% carbon-neutral.
  • Apple support: Direct access to Apple's customer service and warranty protections.


  • Exorbitant pricing: Generally more expensive due to premium positioning and branding.
  • Limited variety: While high-quality, options are confined to Apple's selection, potentially limiting personal expression.

Third-Party Bands


  • Broad variety: Offers an extensive range of styles, colors, and materials beyond what Apple provides.
  • Affordable/wide price range: Accessible to all budgets, from affordable to premium options, providing value and variety.
  • Innovation and variety: Some third-party brands introduce trendy designs and features, offering alternatives not available through Apple.


  • Variability: While often compatible, fit and functionality might not match the seamless integration of official bands.
  • Inconsistent quality: Quality varies widely, with some bands not meeting the high standards set by official options; always make sure you buy from a brand you trust.
  • Warranty and support: Customer service and warranty coverage can be less reliable than Apple's direct support.

If we’re being honest, official Apple bands are unmatched in quality; they’re also unmatched in price. The table below illustrates the stark difference between official and Barton (third-party) Apple Watch bands.


Official Apple Watch Bands

Barton Watch Bands

Average Price

$49 - $349

$22.50 - $58.99




Durability Rating




17 collections

113+ designs

Customer Satisfaction Rating



Rather than buy one Hermès band for $349, why not get four or five third-party options and leave some change for a quality watch roll or a wireless power bank?


We’ve explored how to choose Apple Watch bands to suit various styles, occasions, activities, and budgets. We’ve seen how comfort, functionality, design, and materials work together to give you comfortable and skin-friendly options.

If you’re spoiled for choice, you can always buy one of each category! As we have seen, silicone bands are perfect for physical activities, leather watch bands are stylish and fashionable, and metal bands are elegant and classy.

With that in mind, remember that the quality of third-party Apple Watch bands is a big deal. When you buy from a reputable seller like Barton Watch Bands, you can be sure every band you receive is crafted with exceptional quality and thoughtfulness.

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