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Diver Black Navigator’s Watch Strap Bundle | 4 Watch Bands

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Dive into sophistication and adventure with our Navigator's Watch Strap Bundle, designed for those who wear their dive watch as a badge of their adventurous spirit or a hallmark of their impeccable style. Each piece in this exclusive collection results from the Barton team's dedicated analysis, blending customer reviews, insightful data, and our unrivaled expertise in the watch band arena to bring you nothing short of the best. 

For the Adventure Seeker: The Elite Silicone Watch Band. Built for the bold and the brave, this durable yet stylish silicone band is your trusty companion on every escapade. From scaling peaks to conquering waves, it's designed to endure, ensuring your timepiece stays secure and stylish, no matter where the journey takes you.

For the High-Performer: The Elite FKM Rubber Watch Band. Precision-engineered from high-quality FKM rubber, this band is the ultimate ally for those who refuse to compromise on durability and comfort. Whether tackling a grueling dive or navigating the demands of daily life, its robust design ensures your watch remains a constant, unyielding companion. 

 For the Curious Spirit: The Cordura® & Silicone Hybrid Watch Band. Melding the ruggedness of Cordura® brand fabric with the flexibility of silicone, this hybrid band is built for the path less traveled. Take on any activity with resilience and comfort in this award-winning watch band.

For the Spontaneous Explorer: The Water-Resistant Leather & Silicone Watch Band. Merging the plush feel of Pittards WR100X™ Water-Resistant leather with the unyielding strength of a silicone base, this band is your go-to for braving the elements in style—or for those who consider showering an unexpected adventure and refuse to part with their watch. Why let a little water dampen your timeless style?

Embrace the versatility of a life that moves from sea to land without missing a beat, where every moment is an opportunity to showcase the depth of your adventures and the breadth of your style. With this Diver Bundle, your dive watch transcends its functional origins, becoming a personal narrative and aesthetic choice statement.


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