Design Features | Two Piece NATO® Style

Our Two-piece NATO®-style straps allow you to enjoy the classic look of a NATO®-style strap without having to forego the quick-release functionality. These nylon watch bands are water-resistant, colorfast, and feature two nylon keeper loops for a more comfortable fit. Please be aware that due to the sturdy dual-layer construction, our two-piece NATO®-style straps do have a stiffer feel that softens up over time. 

Swap on the Go - Without Tools

Equipped with integrated quick release spring bars that allow you to insert or remove the band in a matter of seconds.

quick release diagram barton watch bands

Premium Nylon Fabric

Our nylon is lightweight and breathable, yet very sturdy... and it has been laser cut to reduce or eliminate fraying.


The strap thickness measures 2.4mm from end to end and maintains its width for the breadth of the band.

Optimal Fit

Our standard length bands fit wrists 5" - 8" inches in circumference. Please note, watch geometry may also impact fit. If you are not sure whether a band will fit or not, we encourage you to give it a try as we offer a money back guarantee

Stainless Steel Hardware

Our straps utilize 316L stainless steel buckles, not iron or aluminum. Iron components rust and need to be bulkier and heavier to achieve strength comparable to that of stainless steel. The finish on both treated iron and aluminum parts can weather or wear off, leaving a dull, scrap-metal appearance. If you take a knife to our stainless steel components, you will find a material that 1) is solid all the way through, 2) is difficult to scratch or bend and 3) maintains its initial finish for many years.