Design Features | Tropical-Style Quick Release

Our Tropical-Style Quick Release watch bands feature the style, fit and durability sought after by even the most discerning watch enthusiasts.

We’ve applied a basketweave pattern and diamond-shaped perforations to the design features of our #1-selling Elite Silicone Quick Release watch bands, resulting in our unique version of the iconic Tropical-Style watch bands of the 1960s. With the sturdiness of premium TPU, strategically-placed perforations for micro-adjustments, our famous locking keeper mechanism, and two strap lengths to choose from, this retro-inspired watch band is solid and ready for anything. Waterproof, Dust-proof, Quick Release. 



Every order of our Tropical-Style watch bands will come equipped with two different length options on the ‘long side’ of the strap (the side with the holes), assuring a perfect fit for nearly any wrist. Guaranteed to fit all men and women or money back; Standard Length fits wrists 5" to 8", but watch geometry may also impact fit.


BARTON’s proprietary locking feature assures that the free end of the strap stays securely in place. 

silicone watch band with lock to hold down end

Integrated Quick Release Spring Bars

Equipped with integrated quick release spring bars that allow you to insert or remove the band in a matter of seconds.

quick release diagram barton watch bands


The top of the strap features a rich texture pattern that provides a premium look to accommodate even the finest of timepieces. Each strap is also tapered and the width at the buckle is narrower than the width at the watch head.  Widths and taper are as follows:

  • 18mm lug width tapers 2mm to 16mm at buckle
  • 19mm lug width tapers 1mm to 18mm at buckle
  • 20mm lug width tapers 2mm to 18mm at buckle
  • 21mm lug width tapers 1mm to 20mm at buckle
  • 22mm lug width tapers 2mm to 20mm at buckle
  • 23mm lug width tapers 1mm to 22mm at buckle
  • 24mm lug width tapers 2mm to 22mm at buckle


BARTON's Tropical-Style straps utilize TPU that can endure a wide range of temperatures and a great deal of force without deforming. All of our TPU watch straps are also specially treated to assure that they do not smell or attract dust.


Our Elite Silicone Quick Release watch bands use 316L surgical grade stainless steel buckles with a solid tang and brushed finish.  Others use lower grade stainless steels or even iron. Iron components rust and need to be bulkier and heavier to achieve strength comparable to that of stainless steel. The finish on iron parts can weather or wear off, leaving a dull, scrap-metal appearance. If you take a knife to our stainless steel components, you will find a material that 1) is solid all the way through, 2) is difficult to scratch or bend and 3) maintains its initial shine for many years.