Apple Watch Series 4 | Band Compatibility

Last week Apple introduced their latest brainchild, the Apple Watch Series 4. Focusing on a larger display and new health tracking features, this is unquestionably the best Apple Watch yet. 

For the first time since the first Apple Watch was released almost four years ago, the hardware has been redesigned with a new case and new screen size. Fortunately these modifications won't stop us from getting you all the watch bands your heart desires! 

Apple has made sure that all bands are compatible across all four Apple Watch Series, and all of our Apple Watch Bands will be a perfect fit for the Series 4. Straps originally designed for Series 1-3 38mm will integrate seamlessly with the Series 4 40mm, while those that fit the Series 1-3 42mm will also fit the Series 4 44mm! So, if you already have some of our Apple Watch bands and are planning to upgrade to the Series 4, you should be all set. If you're looking for a new strap, let the fun begin!

Apple Watch series 4 straps


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