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We are excited to begin a blog series that features you and the stories behind your most cherished timepieces. We're kicking the series off with a story from Chris, the first of three winners from our 'What's Up With Your Watch?' giveaway where we asked you guys to submit stories about your watches. Check out what Chris had to say below about a long lost family treasure!
So Chris, what's up with your watch?

While visiting my in-laws, I came across a box of random, mostly a not-worth-keeping selection of watches--sans bands. However, among the heap of quartz-powered banality was a diamond in the rough. In my hand, I was holding an Omega Seamaster DeVille, circa the late 1960s, with a badly scratched crystal, but clear, inscription on the back. It was a company gift presented to my wife's grandfather in 1973 for 25 years of service. With some research, I was told that the "crystal" was actually acrylic--which explained its haggard condition. After toting it around for a couple of years, I finally had it refurbished. With no band, I decided that it needed something special. So, of course, I came to Barton and found three bands that I felt were a fitting, living tribute to this awesome timepiece. - Chris from Seattle

Whether you watch has a lengthy-legacy, or has found itself in your hands for the first time, we want to hear about it. Email your stories to with the subject line "Watch Stories" for a chance to be featured on the blog!
- Team Barton

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