Our Latest Tribute Strap Benefitting SAVE.ORG

Our Latest Tribute Strap Benefitting SAVE.ORG

Brandon “Carter” Combs, aka Wristi, left a footprint in the watch community that will never be forgotten. We designed a strap using his logo for the buckle and using a black & purple elite silicone strap as those were his signature colors. We hope that these tribute straps will help pay homage to our watch enthusiast friend Carter, who had a significant impact in the Austin watch community and started the movement #wearewristi.


100% of the proceeds will benefit SAVE.ORGand together, we can increase the public’s awareness of this mental health issue and help provide those struggling with the support they need.

Depression is an illness that cannot be seen or heard. It requires coordination and cooperation among health care providers, friends, family members, treatment services, and the community around them. Reach out to those you love and love on them often. 

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